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Skills and technique information, advice and general ‘cross related knowledge for the beginner and aspiring weekend racer alike.

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Group and one-to-one coaching for skills, fitness and knowledge to suit all abilities, all from experienced cyclocross enthusiasts.

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Niche, hard-to-find and ‘cross themed products to enhance your cyclocross experience, whether for training, racing or challenge events.

Welcome to Fluent in Cross!

Cyclocross is one of the fastest growing branches of cyclesport at the moment. It’s accessible and friendly format works to attract individuals and families alike, and now is moving from its traditional winter slot to being an all year round activity in many countries. At Fluent in Cross we are dedicated to providing you with information, tips, techniques and products to help you get the most out of your ongoing ‘cross experience.

As a small group of dedicated enthusiasts based in the NW of England, we understand the unique demands this fun sport makes on you and your equipment and aim to fill those gaps in knowledge and kit to help you further enjoy your cyclocross. We cater for those trying out ‘cross for the first time, right through to those aspiring to step on the podium or higher.

NEW! Coaching courses for 2015/2016 season to suit complete beginners and those looking to get more into their racing…

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Testimonials for our Coaching Days

Just back from a great coaching day with Fluent in Cross : Top tips with a great atmosphere, thnx to Mark and Alan. just need to practice now


Ace cx coaching day with Fluent in Cross today. Learnt and relearnt a lot. Fell off a lot too. #bringonthecowbells

Mike P

I really enjoyed the day and am most pleased with my new found ability to re-mount without hopping first!

David H

Have to mention, the skills I learned from you guys has made a huge difference for me in the race. Thank you.


Lovely to meet Alan and Mark at FiC CX coaching today. Great fun…it certainly left me smiling :-))