FiC Drills Session

Cyclocross is all about technique and skill, not just fitness. But technical ability and skill don’t usually come out of nowhere, so ‘cross riders wishing to improve their racing or even just general riding and confidence need to practice those skills. Continually.

To help you improve, we’ve put together a handy lunchtime or evening session of drills for you to structure your efforts, and take you through a progressive session that will hit all the key techniques and skills in one fun session. Do this anytime of the season to keep you sharp, but particularly before the season starts and in it’s early weeks. If you have less time or limited facilities, just pick out the bits you can do more conveniently – a session on a couple of skills will still pay huge dividends when your are close to you max heart rate, and struggling for grip round a race lap in the future.

So, find yourself a convenient venue and get drilling!

Click here for a downloadable pdf version Fluent in Cross – 60 min Cyclocross Drill

Or get the 2 page drill session below:

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 09 16.38

ScreenHunter_02 Sep. 09 16.38

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