A little bit about us


Alan Dorrington

Alan Dorrington, also known as ‘Crossjunkie’ has been involved with ‘cross since the early 1990s, albeit with an extended break around the turn of the millenium and into the noughties. A reasonably successful racing career as a younger man has given way to a more sedate racing experience as a Veteran, but his passion for ‘cross has only increased during this time. Known for his ‘Crossjunkie’ blog, as well as an almost unparalleled obsession with the 3 Peaks Cyclocross, Alan also gets his mud fix fell racing in the Northern hills.

Twitter @ajdorrington

Instagram @alandorrington

Alan DorringtonFluent in Cross
Mark Turner

Mark Turner is a British Cycling qualified coach, working with young riders through Cycle Sport Pendle, as well as coaching Women only groups in the North West. With a background running multi-national suppliers in the fitness industry, he brings a wealth of coaching and business knowledge to the team and is a regular ‘cross competitor in NW events. He also makes a mean Granola Powerbar – patent pending.

Twitter @sparkieturner

Mark TurnerFluent in Cross
Craig Metcalfe

Craig Metcalfe doesn‘t ride ’cross (yet) nor has a background in cycling. As a talented IT professional he does however know his way round all the IT stuff that has Alan and Mark stumped, and so is invaluable to this whole enterprise. Given he is the partner of one of our daughters, he may feel he doesn’t have much of a choice in this, but his contribution behind the scenes is hugely important.

Craig MetcalfeSoftware Engineer


Jo Allen

Jo Allen has a unique insider’s view of ‘cross racing, despite having never raced herself. As Photographer-in-Chief to the large Here Come the Belgians group of riders and racers, she has practised her craft in all kinds of weathers and all kinds of muds. Also legendary for her start and finish soigneur skills, juggling jackets and cameras, she makes a highly sought after annual batch of Baileys chocolate brownies in time for the 3 Peaks Cyclocross. We are indebted to Jo for her support and access to her huge library of cyclocross images.

Jo AllenHanglebads
Dave Haygarth

Dave Haygarth has been an inspiration, teammate to one of us and general font of knowledge from the start. Whilst he mostly participates as a racer in cyclocross, he has also been known to point a camera at the action and we thank him both for his expert advice as well as his eye for a shot.

Dave HaygarthMinnellium