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The ‘Newbies’ guide to surviving a ‘cross race

Friend of Fluent in Cross Julie Phelan is a former elite level mountainbiker, now returned to cycling after a big break and finding herself strangely drawn to the delights of (muddy) ‘cross. In this guest article for FiC she dispenses some very handy pearls of wisdom on how to survive your first proper mudder… This […]

On a roll at Rapha Supercross 2015

Back for the usual packed programme of racing, cowbell, foodie and beer fuelled action, 2015’s edition of the now iconic Rapha Supercross, now organised immaculately by Emma Osenton, headed to Shibden Park, Halifax for it’s Northern leg. Using the large slope, no make that hill, below the Hall of the same name, the meandering course […]

FiC Drills Session

Cyclocross is all about technique and skill, not just fitness. But technical ability and skill don’t usually come out of nowhere, so ‘cross riders wishing to improve their racing or even just general riding and confidence need to practice those skills. Continually. To help you improve, we’ve put together a handy lunchtime or evening session […]

Grip or no grip? Testing Challenge Chicanes

I first became aware of the Chicane tread when Belgian-based UK ‘cross star Helen Wyman first started appearing at races in 2013 with a strange black and white set of tubs. In classic rider-led innovation, she had had made for her a set of prototype Chicanes, fashioned by cutting the middle out of some white […]

Fluent in Cross road trip to MKWCX

The announcement of a UCI World Cup Cyclocross round in the UK was, for the nation’s small but diehard group of cyclocrossers, as exciting a prospect as LeTour coming to Yorkshire earlier this year. Previously the only way of getting to see Sven and co was with a trip abroad to an obscure Flandrian town […]

Joining the dots – race report from Stadt Moers

Pic: Dave Haygarth More racing action from Alan Dorrington, including in-race tread testing… “I noticed last weekend, racing the slightly sinister named Stadt Moers round of the NW Cyclocross Association, that sometimes racing ‘cross feels like an elongated session of joining the dots. By that I mean that some courses have specific points that require […]

Product Review: FMB SSC Slalom cyclocross tubulars

Given that full slopfest conditions are not actually that frequent, the type of conditions where Rhinos or SuperMuds are imperious, could the Slalom be the one-stop solution for riders looking for an all round tubular tread that can perform across the widest operating window?   Whilst the mud has been a little slow coming in […]

‘Cross from the other side

Fluent in Cross’ Alan Dorrington writes about the recent Cycle Sport Pendle/Hopetech event that he and race organiser and FiC colleague Mark Turner were responsible for..   “Organising a ‘cross race is hard work. Organising and then riding in the ‘cross race you’ve put on is harder work still…. I never knew how much work […]