GP Brabant – filmed ‘tape-side’

We are used to being treated to regular TV coverage of the big Euro ‘cross races, something that has only arrived in the past couple of years but is now easy to find (for example here on the Cyclocrossable YouTube channel).

However, professional coverage has a tendency to sanitise the action a little with high and wide camera angles and long shots in order to cover the full breadth of racing and action. As a contrast, we like this homemade film of the recent GP Brabant featuring many of the top Euro riders as it gives a real feel for the speed, adrenaline and technicalities of racing. A bit like watching a good British ‘cross race. Only faster.

Enjoy this different perspective.

Cross Comes Calling

One particular member of Fluent in Cross has launched his niche acting career co-starring with team mate Dave Haygarth in this little film from Tom Richards of Planet X Bikes.

Cross just got weird…

For On-One/Planet X Bikes riders Dave Haygarth and Alan Dorrington, the Cyclocross season is fast approaching. The lure of mud and skinsuits is beckoning – literally – after a summer spent riding mountain and road bikes…

Cross over lunch

Whether the weather is good, or whether it’s bobbins, we urge you to get out on your cx bike at lunch during the week. Find a local park, or recreation ground and get some mud under your tyres. Or at least some dirt….